What is so special about the Three Principles that someone (Ron McVety) would want to fund research to document what it is and how it works?

Every time I meet a volunteer 3P practitioner I think, “There it is, that something special about 3P!”

The energy, enthusiasm, and wellbeing that 3P volunteers share are instructive to how impactful the understanding really is. Volunteering is rewarding, but even more so when you see your work making a big difference in the lives of others.

Our next McVety Research Support Award recipients fit perfectly into that description. A small group of coaches wanting to make a difference in the wellbeing of their community. So they volunteered, dedicating themselves to providing free or minimal cost training for Wellbeing Ambassador’s.

Not only did they offer it, they also knew they needed to research it! We are thrilled to support Liz Scott, Stuart Newberry, Clare Tanner, Ann Buckingham and lead researcher Dr. Rani Bora.

Your innovation is inspiring and we couldn’t be more thrilled to lend our hands (and knowledge) to support your research endeavors.

Curious about how you can conduct research on your program? Contact me to discuss!