There are a growing number of Three Principles practitioners who share their understanding as volunteers. These individuals and groups aren’t looking for financial reimbursement, instead, they revel in the insights, behavioral changes and the transformed lives of their clients.

This is striking because these clients aren’t easy. Volunteers find themselves in prisons, at homeless shelters or providing programming for addicts – all populations whose traditional therapists and caseworkers have notoriously high burn out rates themselves!

Our most recent winner of a McVety Research Support Award, Caroline Powell is one of these inspired volunteers. Caroline worked with homelessness on the streets of London for 2 years and is moving her program into Slough, Middlesex, and Watford, Hertfordshire now.

Caroline approached us to help her craft research – questions that would help her measure the impact her Three Principles program is having on the homeless men and women she is working with.

Caroline is the perfect candidate for a McVety Research Support Award. She has exactly what we look for in programs that are successful.

  1. She is delivering a program successfully.
  2. She is seeing change on the ground.
  3. She wants to share it with other people in her field.

One way to share that kind of impact is to bring the 3PRC research team in to help. Here’s the kind of support she will receive:

1. Help her identify which questions to ask. What do you want to measure?

2. Advise her on how to conduct the research. Do the participants read and write?

3. Compile and analyze the data. What does this all mean??

4. Publication. Share it with others.

Congratulations to Caroline Powell! Thank you for taking steps to bring awareness to your community.