There is a growing number of research projects underway in the Three Principles, Health Realization, and Innate Health community (yes, people use all these names). These projects are beginning to publish peer-reviewed articles!

Most perspective clients don’t know statistics and may not know how a peer-review journal is different from another kind of journal. So here is a simple breakdown of one article under review right now. The results are exciting!

The research questions:

1. Is exposure to the three principles related to higher levels of well-being?

2. With more exposure to 3P, do we see a growing appreciation of the three principles?

3. Is this appreciation for Thought, Consciousness, and/or Mind responsible for changes in well-being?

A BIG question for Adriaan and I was: We designed a list of questions (a scale)—Does it work? Does it measure changes in 3P understanding?

This is the first step in a long-term project. How can we evidence the impact of understanding 3P without a tool to measure changes in beliefs related to 3P?

The short answer is: YES! Our scale works!!!

1. The more exposure to the three principles, the higher levels of purpose in life and positive affect individuals report. That is good! These are two measurements related to well-being.

2. More exposure to the three principles is related to more appreciation of the principles. That shows that our scale worked!

3. In particular, higher levels of Thought, Consciousness, AND Mind (all-together) explain why exposure to the principles is related to higher levels of purpose in life and positive affect!

What you can say: “Research shows that people who learn more about 3P have higher levels of purpose in life and positive affect, and these contribute to higher levels of well-being. No wonder I, you and so many of our clients, experience enhanced levels of well-being!”

Check back to our blog to get another research update. We will review another article in January of 2022!

Conduct research into your program, well-being is worh every investigation!