Jeanne Catherine Gray – Executive Director

Jeanne Catherine Gray is the Executive Director of 3PRC, a Ph.D. student and 3P Facilitator, whose personal and professional life was transformed by the Three Principles understanding. Jeanne is committed to getting the word out and ensuring future generations have access to and know how the Three Principles work in their lives.

Anita McGinty – Co-Founder

Anita has been brought on as CEO to launch the non-profit arm of 3PRC, Innate Health Research. She will fill that gap between what is happening in relation to wellbeing work in ad hoc ways- one community at a time and one practitioner at a time- and what is needed to make a more systematic transformation to the understanding of innate health.

Adriaan Denkers – Senior Research Scientist

Adriaan is responsible for managing data from research partnerships, for leading technical assistance contracts related to evaluations, and for communicating and interpreting results to the research team. Adriaan helped develop the questions that measure an individual’s understanding of innate health. 

Nici Buchart – On-site Supervisor

Nici is our on-site supervisor that supports project design, paper and dissemination initiatives, and is a liaison and advisor to the research team. She co-founded Gazelle – a wellbeing and mental health program – for organisations like Accenture, Google Health, Goldman Sachs, Shell, and Red Bull. Nici is a 3P practitioner for working mothers who want greater resilience and creativity in their careers and lives.

Ron McVety – Founder

Ron is a private funder who was personally impacted by the Three Principles understanding. Ron, shocked that more people don’t know about the three principles, is committed to supporting high-quality research and scalable three principles programming that explores and potentially validates the Three Principles teaching and counseling models.


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