In terms of building a client base, you need fans who tell people about your program. Sometimes just a few key talkers are the ones referring 90% of your clientele – so that’s great!

However, if you want your program to move beyond your individual qualities and talents (in other words for the Three Principles to reach more people then you could reach alone) then you need research.

Why? Because research has evolved over the last 200 years, to be more informed, ethical and rigorous process which can (if done correctly) change the way society thinks about a whole host of topics, from health and wellbeing to family and work.

So start somewhere. Develop a questionnaire you can ask your clients before and after they work with you. Start putting together their answers and see if there are any common themes.

Then ask researchers to develop a pilot research project to determine how impactful your program has been in these exact areas your clients are already raving.

If there is something to share – research can find it and share it with people who don’t know anything about the Three Principles.