When I read about Roger Mills‘ work in Modello, my heart expanded in my chest. I felt full of the promise of thriving against all odds.

Already personally impacted by the 3P teachings, I saw Dr. Mills as a role model for my work—full of love, compassion, and service—I wanted to share his accomplishments!

But, when I looked up the research about Modello, there was nothing that was empirical and peer-reviewed.

How did this happen?

  • Research takes time.
  • Research requires a whole team of people—including willing participants.
  • Research is a lot like chess, except your opponent is invisible and the board is expensive to play on.

Research can be a true act of service. One where lives are touched, including my own. I did not know this before I started. I could never have planned this journey in advance (not even with a fabulous vision board).

Today, the time, energy, and money invested finally demonstrates an important result—a short questionnaire—to help researchers and facilitators measure changes in 3P understanding with reliability.

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