We design, collect, analyze & publish research so you can focus on your clients and show your funders what 3P can do!

In today’s world, it is not enough to say 3P is great—you have to give evidence about what works to your funders and your clients.

3PRC develops research projects that examine the behavior, resilience and performance outcomes of Three Principles counseling and educational programs.

With evidenced-based research you can: 

  • Reach people who have never met you personally
  • Build credibility for your work
  • Enroll new clients and new funders
  • Broaden your reach and impact the world

The more evidenced-based research exists, the more people your program can reach. Why should you try to do this alone? You have a program to run. Let us partner with you and handle the research process from beginning to end.



3PRC was founded as a research and development firm to help practitioners test their programs, sharpen their craft, and reach more people. Previously, practitioners were not able to demonstrate that their program made changes in their client’s innate health. So the first thing we did was design and test a reliable and valid scale to measure changes related to 3P programming.

In addition, because 3P places innate health—the capacity for creativity, wisdom, and healing—at the center of their programming, we created a non-profit arm to fund a bigger vision—innate health as the core mechanism of change across a variety of populations and the people who serve them.



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“Research has certainly given us more credibility and opened more doors to help grow our vision: To create a community platform to help those suffering with homelessness in Watford, England. I would strongly recommend Jeanne’s team, if you are looking to make a difference in your community, regardless of which population you are wanting to work with.“

– Caroline Powell
Founder, A Slice of Happiness

“Conducting a small case study on the connection between pain relief and 3P was an amazing opportunity. I now know how to present medical information in a way that fits with this understanding of the mind and how to gauge the pace of the discussion based on the clients’ interest, needs, and feedback. Following my intuition, I was able to try out new ways to articulate my ideas which helped me formulate an inspiring new program. The guidance, support, and encouragement I received from 3PRC allowed me to feel confident and build credibility in the eyes of my clients and colleagues.”

– Chana Studley
3 Principles Practitioner

“Making a difference in the world can take many guises. As a small community interest company, we have been grateful for the support and direction of 3PRC. The importance of evidencing what works (and what doesn’t) is essential to be able to get our work into a wider field within the criminal justice system. The team at 3PRC have been professional, understanding, supportive, and immensely valuable to our endeavours. We look forward to an ongoing relationship and commend this team if you are thinking about researching your projects.”

– Jacqueline Hollows
Founder, Beyond Recovery

“The Insight Alliance got the opportunity to carry out 3P research in the women’s and men’s prisons in Oregon. 3PRC has been instrumental in helping us figure out the nuts and bolts. They have provided a sounding board and expertise where I lacked it. They have been generous in their financial support. Without that this valuable research wouldn’t have taken place. We are grateful for their support.”

– Anna Debenham
Founder, The Insight Alliance

“Working with Adriaan and Jeanne Catherine was a pleasure. Both have an amazing sense of humor, are easy to get along with, and are exceptionally kind and understanding to those without much background in research. They walked us through each and every step we needed to take—to get the most reliable and relevant data necessary for the research we were conducting. They will eloquently guide you along. I would certainly recommend 3PRC!”

– Alan Smigelski
Farnum Recovery Center

“I reach out to Jeanne a few times a year to ask questions about research and the principles. She offers her time, energy, and support. She guides me about what research is available, suggests research questions for the projects I’m working on, and helps me explore bigger, more ambitious ideas. Our conversations are always insightful and uplifting. I leave our discussions feeling more grounded, more confident, and wiser.”

– Nici Butchart
3 Principles Practitioner

“Jeanne and 3PRC has been instrumental in helping me develop and measure effectiveness of my 6-weeks on-line resilience programme. It is incredibly important to be able to present the evidence base for this type of intervention and ensure that the benefits are measurable. Jeanne has helped me develop research methodology, choose effective tools and most importantly offer ongoing support and advice on how to implement it in the most effective way.”

– Dorothy Martin
3 Principles Practitioner


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Schedule a free discovery call to learn more about how we can help. There are so many ways to work with us, a conversation is the best place to start. If you have a specific question, you can also email us at


Our Community is made up of like-minded people who are interested in connecting on the topic of research & the Three Principles of Health Realization. Our team helps practitioners design research projects—big and small!

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